Advantages of Bitcoin | Sports Betting | Top Bitcoin Sportsbooks 2019

Bitcoin bookmakers are revolutionizing the world of sports betting. View the top bitcoin sportsbooks of 2019 featured on this website that allow anonymous accounts and wagers from any part of the United States & Worldwide.

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Thanks to bitcoin, these sportsbooks can process your deposits and withdrawals instantly, so you no longer need to wait weeks for a payout.  Banking is also completely free, which means you’ll have more money in your player account.   Bitcoin sports betting sites allow you to wager on every major league in the USA, UK, Europe, Australia and Asia, including the NFL, NBA, AFL and the English Premier League

Bitcoin Sports Betting

Guide to Best Bitcoin Sportsbooks | US Approved | 2019 List

Sports Betting

Why Bitcoin For Sports Betting?

The security and privacy advantages offered by Bitcoin make it the optimal option for sensitive financial transactions, such as funding your online sportsbook account. Find out why Bitcoin has become the most effective financial tool for sports bettors who conduct business online

Zero Third Party Oversight

Due to the restrictive nature of federal laws on sports betting, American sports bettors have few choices when it comes to legal sportsbooks. With very few options, America’s legions of sports betting enthusiasts must place their wagers through offshore online sportsbooks like 5Dimes, Pinnacle, or Bovada. While these sportsbooks usually have no issue accepting deposits from U.S. Customers, most banks will attempts to fund online sportsbook accounts.

That’s where Bitcoin comes in, as the virtual currency’s design and structure is perfectly suited to solve this dilemma. By using Bitcoin to conduct these transactions, you avoid the threat of third party oversight entirely, as the exchange involves you and the sportsbook alone.

Bitcoin’s Blockchain Means Little to No Transaction Fees

Every online sports bettor knows that you can almost always deposit to a site free of charge, but withdrawing your winnings usually incurs a hefty fee. That’s because collecting your winnings from an online sports bet typically involves paying off the middleman.

However, a lack of fees is an extension of the Bitcoin blockchain’s fundamental design. With no middlemen standing between the payer and the payee, blockchain transactions don’t cost anything at all. Most Bitcoin transactions average a “fee” of just $0.04.

Funds Get There Faster

Continuing the benefits of cashing out via Bitcoin, bettors will be pleased to note that transactions typically take just minutes to complete.

Bitcoin Prevents Identity Theft and Fraud

Rather than input your credit card number, expiration date, and security code into an unsecured website form, Bitcoin transactions require only your address, along with your private and public keys. Bitcoin is a cryptographic currency at its core, so encoded data is an essential component of the exchange process.  Even better, while a Bitcoin address can be calculated through its corresponding private key, reversing this process is impossible.

This makes Bitcoin by far the safest currency available for bettors searching for a way to load their online sports book account without sacrificing valuable private information.

Bet on UFC | Top Bitcoin Sportsbook Guide 2019

Sports betting with Bitcoin

The Best Bitcoin Sportsbooks

Once you’ve decided to take the plunge and use Bitcoin for your next online betting deposit, the next step is to find a Bitcoin-friendly platform. Luckily for you we have already done the legwork for you.

Below you will find the Top Sportsbooks that accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Doge as well as many other smaller cryptocurrencies.  We have independently tested over 50 Different Bitcoin Sportsbooks & Casinos, Placed Bets, Deposited & Withdrew Funds, Ranked & Reviewed the Best U.S Friendly Bitcoin Sportsbooks & Casinos.

The Best Bitcoin Sportsbooks 2019

#1 Nitrogen Sports


Nitrogen Sports bitcoin-only sports book & casino: no sign-up required, monthly parlay promotions and 80BTC maximum bet. In addition to sports, you can play table games like blackjack and poker. The bitcoin website also offers a dice game.

Nitrogen Sports is our favorite “bitcoin only” sportsbook.  Since opening their doors back in 2012, they’ve quickly established themselves as the leading bitcoin sports betting site.  They are headquartered in Costa Rica and owned by

  • Easily the biggest, most established and trusted bitcoin bookmaker.
  • 100% anonymous.  Nitrogen do not even ask you to provide an email address.
  • Live in-play betting available for major leagues like NFL, EPL, NBA and NHL.
  • The minimum bet limit is 0.001 BTC and the maximum bet limit is 30 BTC+.
  • Deposits are credited with zero confirmations and withdrawals process in hours.
  • The Nitrogen Sports web-app works well on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.
  • 2-Factor Authentication available.  Support provided via live chat or ticket system.
  • Nitrogen Sports does NOT offer a deposit bonus but do they run some fun promos.

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Screenshot 2018-09-28 11.59.53.png

BetOnline is one of the most well-known and respected names in the online gaming industry. Their management team has been together since 1991 and they settle for nothing less than the best.

BetOnline has a history going back to 2004 and offer a combination of great lines and great service to US, Canadian and worldwide sports betting fans. Licensed in Panama, BetOnline offer sports betting, casino games and poker. What you’ll notice immediately with this site is that they look after their loyal bettors. Instead of a big upfront bonus and then nothing – you’ll get 25% on every single qualifying deposit for life.

BetOnline is primarily known for their sportsbook which offers competitive odds for all the major sports including NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, NCAAF, NCAAB, eSports, golf, tennis, soccer, boxing, UFC and more.  The BETSOFT casino and live casino products are also strong income generators.  BetOnline Poker and Poker App have immense player volume and combine to form one of the largest online Poker networks. BetOnline offers several deposit options including credit cards, wire transfer, cash transfer and Bitcoin. Cashing out at BetOnline is quick and painless, with one free withdrawal per month as an added bonus. is constantly offering their clients various promotions such as welcome bonus, reload bonus, money back rebates, tournaments, jackpots and more.

What you’ll notice immediately with this site is that they look after their loyal bettors. Instead of a big upfront bonus and then nothing – you’ll get 25% on every single qualifying deposit for life.


  • One of the largest sports books online.
  • Massive $2,500 Sign-Up Bonus.
  • Some of the largest wagering limits for Americans.
  • Betting software and interface is top notch.
  • Post odds earlier than other sites.
  • Issues in the past with poker players, but nothing within past 5 years.
  • Many users complain about the support staff.
  • Hidden fees for some payout methods.

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Bitcoin Casinos: The Future is Here

The old way of Playing Slots & Card Games, Betting on Sports & Betting on Sports is well.. “old.”

One of the biggest and main markets that have benefited from the emergence of Bitcoin gambling has been online casinos. While these have existed for the better part of a decade and progressed along with many other online gambling and betting sites, Bitcoin has helped to make the online casino market even more accessible, while making depositing and withdrawing easier than ever.

Bitcoin casinos have brought brand new competition to the market, and offer distinct advantages over fiat-based online operators.

The Rise in Popularity of Bitcoin Slots

Bitcoin Slots & 3D Slots

Bitcoin Slots & 3D Slots

There is something about pushing a button and waiting for the reels to stop spinning and reveal one’s luck. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most notable reasons why BTC slots are so popular among players.


The main reason why so many people enjoy Bitcoin slots is that it takes almost no skill in order to play it. All one has to do is to chip in and push the button, the rest is up to luck. Furthermore, it doesn’t take a lot of time to play a hand, which means that players can enjoy this game while on the run, in a bus, train, or a coffee break.

The online casino Betchain’s archive includes more than a thousand different games including a variety of 3D slots, Jackpot slots, Video slots, and of course the classic slot game. mBitBitStarz and FortuneJack are 3 other Top Online Bitcoin Casinos that allow wagering in both Bitcoin & some of the smaller tokens.

All four of these Online Casinos have been independently tested for best odds, provable fairness (thanks to the blockchain) accessibility for both US & International Residents, security, anonymity as well as withdrawal speeds and timely (and accurate) payouts. These Online Casinos all have earned extremely high marks having been tested and reviewed by 3rd parties like & Bitcoin Gambling & Sports Betting.

Top Cryptocurrency News Site CryptoClarified named Top Online Bitcoin Casinos the #1 Independent Reviewer of Bitcoin Casinos for 2019. If they give a positive review of an Online Casino, you can rest assured they have been thoroughly checked out and bet with confidence.

Best Bitcoin Casino 2019

The Top Online Bitcoin Casinos | Rankings & Reviews | 2019

With the recent surge in online betting with Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies due to the many benefits of betting online with cryptocurrencies over fiat (cash) along with the explosion in popularity of Online Casinos accepting Bitcoin, you’d be surprised (or perhaps you wouldn’t) that there are many Online Casinos that are nothing more than a front for fraud. At worst case some are set up to disappear with your money, and at best case, lack the security to protect your funds, or fail to pay out winners at best.

Yes you can play slots, Poker, Blackjack, Bitcoin dice, or bet on any sport imaginable in minutes with Bitcoin & Altcoins. No, you don’t have to give up your Driver’s License, social security number or even your full name.

The days of having to give up all of your personal information to a Vegas Casino in order to bet on your favorite sports are over. So are the days of waiting 2 weeks to receive a Cashier’s Check with your winnings.

Withdrawals are instant, usually taking around 12–24 hours for the Casino to approve, then around 15 minutes to hit your Bitcoin wallet. For a wallet on your phone or iPad, Bread Wallet is a popular choice. That’s what we use.

You can get the App in the iTunes App Store & in the Google PlayStore (for Android users.) You can purchase Bitcoin inside the App, or use a site like Coinbase or one of the cryptocurrency exchanges.

If you win big, and want Cash instead of cryptocurrency you can exchange your Bitcoin for your currency on an exchange or through Coinbase and transfer it directly to your bank.

The odds of winning are higher with BTC slots compared to Slots of the Past

Best Bitcoin Casino 2019

Top Bitcoin & Crypto Casinos

When compared with other online casino games, Bitcoin slots have the highest payout percentage. Nevertheless, the rate of the payout percentage depends on which casino you decide to play in. Average return to player rate is somewhere between 82 and 98 percent of the funds that players wager in total.

Online Slot Game Progression From Atari to better than PS4

Online slots started out from humble beginnings. Initially crafted as a simple digitization of the world-famous 3 reeled fruit machine, these games have now been developed into epic adventures in picturesque 3D landscapes. From fantasy-themes through to pure science fiction, slots software has become a form of art and the games are more engaging than ever.

Old classics have been remade into new and exciting styles, whilst completely new formats have been realized in the shape of RPG-style slots, multiple paylines and “dual reels”. And now, casinos have allowed players to bet on these great new games with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Casino Software

Nearly all the Bitcoin casino reviews that you’ll find online have licensed their games from casino software providers. Many casinos have also licensed their underlying banking infrastructure from companies such as PlayTech and SoftSwiss, however for the purposes of this article we are focused entirely on the games.

Software from the likes of Endorphina, BetSoft and NetEnt are amongst some of the most well renowned in the industry. These companies have changed the landscape of online slots by creating entirely new genres in the gaming industry. BetSoft pioneered the use of 3D graphics in their games and Endorphina has reflected cultural topics with the likes of “Twerk” and “Diamond Vapor”.

Typically, each of the Bitcoin software providers listed here have all built their games on similar mechanics; 3 and 5 reeled slots with bonus games, multipliers and — in some cases — jackpots.

This format continues to be the most popular, however those looking for alternative mechanics may want to look to developers such as Rabcat, the developers behind the famous RPG slot game “Castle Builder” and “Castle Builder 2”.

What Are The Best Bitcoin Casinos?

We have ranked and graded the best online Bitcoin casinos, allowing you to choose from tried and tested casinos. All of these sites have been tested by Top Online Casinos for user friendliness, ease of withdrawals and deposits and more, and all have proven themselves to be trustworthy.

What Games Do Bitcoin Casinos Offer?

Every game that you can find at a standard online fiat currency based casino can be found at a Bitcoin casino. While offers, bonuses and odds will all differ depending on the game provider, you can find the best of the best at a Bitcoin casino.

Blackjack, the most popular casino game in the world, is well represented amongst casinos that use Bitcoin, and a long list of other casino games such as Roulette, Craps, Three Card Poker, Baccarat and more can also be found. Las Vegas favorite Keno is also an option at many Bitcoin casinos as well.

Bitcoin Slots are a steadily growing market, meaning you are sure to find your favorite slots games at the Bitcoin casinos we recommend. Newer to the scene are 3D Slots, which can be a lot of fun.

Why use Bitcoin?

Slot developers are mostly “banking agnostic”, that is to say they do not care what payment methods are used to play their games. It is largely the casinos and the jurisdictions in which they operate which decides what banking methods are applicable.

For this reason, many existing slot casinos which subsequently adopted Bitcoin now have those same slots available to anyone playing with BTC. The slot game developers themselves did not have to actively accept Bitcoin as a currency, and therefore the rate of adoption of Bitcoin into these games has been rapid.

As a player, you should consider using Bitcoin to play online casino slots as it offers better anonymity, higher trust and more security.

5 Reasons Why Bitcoin is GREAT For Gambling

Since its inception in 2008, Bitcoin has risen to fame as one of the most important technologies of recent times. This digital asset has demonstrated that it holds real value, and that this value can be transmitted across the globe in a matter of minutes with minimal fees.

There is no central controller of Bitcoin, and no threat of confiscation. For this reason — and the 5 others discussed below — we believe that Bitcoin is the best currency to use when gambling online.

If you’re interested in using this cryptocurrency to place bets online, keep reading and we’ll explain all. If you’re unfamiliar with using Bitcoin then read this getting started guide before moving forward.

1. Bitcoin is “off the grid”

Bitcoin is pseudonymous. Discovering an identity from transactions on the blockchain can be time consuming and often impossible. For this reason, Bitcoin has been adopted by many gamblers looking to bet online without restrictions. Gambling online with Bitcoin is no different (legally) than gambling online with dollars, rubles or euros. The only difference is that for fiat currencies, the player must have a bank account or PayPal account and therefore their transactions can be vetted/restricted.

With Bitcoin, these restrictions do not exist because each payment is “peer to peer” and is validated by thousands of amoral nodes in thousands of different locations. These nodes have a simple set of rules: if the transaction has the necessary balance and correct headers, then the payment can be sent. A node cannot and does not invalidate a transaction based on its purpose — gambling or otherwise.

2. Transparent payments

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to make use of a new technology known as blockchain. The blockchain is a record of all transactions that have ever been made on the network. Bitcoin’s blockchain is public and verifiable by anyone with an internet connection, meaning that any transaction sent from address A to address B can be checked. In gambling, this transparency is critical, as it can be used as proof as to whether a transaction was sent or not.

If you made a withdrawal to a Bitcoin address that was never received, it would be trivial to demonstrate to the casino that the withdrawal was in fact never paid. This can also be used as evidence when making complaints at any of our Bitcoin casino reviews and helps to keep these gambling sites honest and fair.

3. Value of Bitcoin

Anyone who’s heard of Bitcoin will know that the price of this currency simply keeps rising. From a value of less than a dollar in 2008, the currency has risen many thousands of times over to reach a price of $4500 at the time of writing.

As a result, the interest in getting hold of Bitcoin has reached fever-pitch levels, and gambling has become a route for many to earn more of this highly sought after currency.

4. Provably fair options

Bitcoin gambling is vastly more transparent than fiat currency gambling as already discussed. But transparency goes beyond simple transactions. Many of the dice games that can be played with Bitcoin incorporate a “provably fair algorithm” that ensures that each roll of the dice or turn of the card is truly random.

5. Deposits and Payouts are much faster than going through a Vegas Casino or Online Sportsbook. This all can be done from the comfort of your home from your phone. You can literally be in the Casino or betting on Sports from your couch. If you win, you can have the money in your account the next day.

The old way of getting payouts from winnings, waiting 10 business days and then having to take a Cashier’s check into the bank.. that shits for the birds.

I’ve got my feet kicked up and a cold beverage at my side when I’m playing at the Casino and betting on my team.

Provably Fair

There are a number of provably fair Bitcoin casinos listed on our website, however our current favorites are BetchainmBit & BitStarz for online Casino games & Slots.

Nitrogen Sports is a favorite for Sports Wagering.

Bitcoin Sports Betting | Best Casinos & Sportsbooks 2019

How it Feels to Win Big betting Sports with Bitcoin

These reasons have hopefully provided you with a compelling case for gambling online with Bitcoin.

We truly believe there is no better way to play!

No Registration — Deposit & Play Instantly!

How can a Bitcoin casino be “no registration”?

In the traditional casino market, payments are processed through banks that often have strict controls on gambling transactions. These controls make it difficult for a player to deposit at a casino without filling out lengthy registration forms and — in some cases — submitting proof of address and ID. Bitcoin side-steps these forms because all transactions are “peer to peer” with no central authority. In this way, a Bitcoin casino can simply register a player’s account on arrival at their website, providing them with a Bitcoin deposit address to allow them to get started immediately.

How does instant registration work?

Instant registration generates a random username for your player account the moment you arrive at the website. Your login is then generated either as a browser cookie or through the use of a unique URL which can be used to gain access to your wallet. Some instant registration casinos will require that you create a username, but nothing more.

Of course, for security purposes it is advisable to attach a password to your account. Whilst email is optional, submitting an email address when signing up to one of these Bitcoin casinos will ensure that your account can be recovered should you lose access. Instant registration makes the casino experience seamless, and thanks to Bitcoin, this option is becoming more widely available than ever before.

Is Bitcoin gambling truly anonymous?

No registration Bitcoin casinos are often used by players looking to side-step local regulation. Of course, players must do this at their own risk, and they must also be aware that Bitcoin is not — as so many claim — all that anonymous.

The reason for this is that all Bitcoin transactions are stored publicly on the blockchain. Whilst transactions do not record any personal information, if enough transactions are made to particular addresses, it is possible that some identifiable information about the user becomes available. This risk is low, and can be largely mitigated through the use of a new Bitcoin address for all deposits and withdrawals.

Compared to fiat currency, Bitcoin is far more anonymous. However, those looking for complete anonymity should consider a cryptocurrency like Monero.

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Read: Harvard’s $37.1 billion endowment fund has reportedly invested $12.65 million in Digital Currency

The Best Bitcoin Casinos & Sportsbooks 2019

Deposit in Bitcoin or altcoins and withdraw winnings in Cash. Safe, Anonymous, Provably Fair Gaming. 3D Slots, Poker, Bitcoin Dice, Blackjack and more. This list was compiled by independent 3rd party testing done by BitcoinSportsBettingGuide & TopOnlineBitcoinCasinos

Top Online Bitcoin Casinos & Top Crypto Casinos are third parties that rank the top online Casinos that allow players to bet using cryptocurrency and cash out in cryptocurrency or fiat (cash). We test the so called “Top Online Casinos” for transparency, odds to win, gameplay, player bonuses & withdrawal speeds.

Criteria That Weighed Heavily In Our Rankings

  • Provably Fair
  • Anonymity & Ability to Play Without Registering Name, Address, Etc.
  • Bonus & Prize Giveaways
  • Content, Selection & Graphics
  • Availability to US Residents
  • Ease of Gameplay/Games Loading Without Error
  • Withdrawal Speed
  • No Hassle Withdrawals
  • Ability to Withdraw Winnings in Cryptocurrency or Fiat (Cash)

#1 BetChain

Screenshot 2018-02-13 17.21.13.png

BetChain is an impressive casino and one of the pioneers in the Bitcoin scene. Since it was established, the casino has focused strongly on servicing the Bitcoin community. Only lately the casino has opened up its doors to traditional currencies, but its identity remains strongly defined by Bitcoin. Betchain is also re-launching its whole VIP program and refining its customer service further to offer an unprecedented gaming experience to all its clients

BetChain’s focus on service, coupled with unique bonus offers, makes it one of the most successful Bitcoin casinos. BetChain caters to customers hailing from different regions of the world. That means that apart from English, its page is also available in German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Greek, Dutch and Swedish. BetChain also offers live chat, 24 hour customer support, and lightning quick withdrawals.

  • Provably Fair: BetChain emphasizes provably fairness, allowing gamers (and the casino) to verify all bet outcomes to ensure they were correct and fair.
  • Safe and Secure: BetChain claims to use the latest in encryption and secure servers to ensure that customers’ money is always safe.
  • 24/7 Support: Contact BetChain anytime, day or night, at or through the BetChain support form.

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#2 Fortune Jack

Screenshot 2018-02-13 16.58.22.png

FortuneJack is the go to casino if you are looking for Provably Fair games.  They were founded in 2014 and are fully licensed and regulated by the gaming commission of Curaҫao for added peace of mind.

  • Fortune Jack is the #1 “Provably Fair” bitcoin casino. USA gamers are welcome.
  • All bases are covered with a selection of over 500 games to choose from.
  • Supports BTC, Dash, Litecoin, Monero, Dogecoin, Namecoin, Clam and more.
  • Deposits appear within minutes (1 confirmation) and payouts process in hours.
  • Wide variety of live dealer games available, including roulette, blackjack and poker.
  • Freeroll poker tournaments, GDA tournaments and Hold’em cash games available.
  • Fortune Jack is compatible with any iPhone, Windows Phone, iPad or Android.
  • For your 1st deposit you get a 100% bonus to 0.5 BTC.   Monthly 1 BTC reload.

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#3 mBit


mBit is another major U.S. friendly bitcoin casino brand that have earned a stellar reputation for quality software and great customer service since they were founded in 2014 .  They are based in Curacao and are fully regulated by the gaming commission there.

  • All the games at mBit were independently tested and verified for fairness by RNG.
  • mBit is now home to over 1,000 different games and new ones are added weekly.
  • Live dealer blackjack, sede, baccarat, roulette and more available for BTC or Euro.
  • Deposit instantly and for free.  Sign-up takes seconds and only requires an email.
  • mBit Casino is fully functional on any Android, iPad, iPhone or Windows Phone.
  • United States of America players are welcome.  Site in both English and Russian.
  • mBit have an exceptional VIP program and a 110% 1st deposit bonus to 1 BTC .

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#4 – Bitstarz

Screenshot 2018-02-13 16.21.11.png

BitStarz is probably the most popular Bitcoin casino out. The casino is provably fair and regulated by the Curacao government. It offers around 1,000 high quality games, however it does not offer a sportsbook feature (where you can bet on popular sporting events). Bitstarz also accepts multiple currencies and isn’t limited only to cryptos.

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mBit Casino
Nitrogen Sports
Best Bitcoin Casinos For U.S. Residents

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